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Scottish Drone Services are based in Lossiemouth …so it’s been an exciting time as our drone work has evolved in Moray.

We have had the opportunity to film some amazing events by drone in and around Moray, but also just as importantly to connect with the local community and show that drone video and photography can bring a whole new perspective to the modern world.

The use of drone video at weddings was highlighted in June, when we were privileged to shoot Kathryn and Wayne’s wedding at Gordon Castle in Fochabers. Phil Webster of Scottish Drone Services said, “Although I have shot weddings before when I was based in South London, it was my first drone wedding since moving to Moray, so it felt extra special.

The Duke of Gordon

Phil reflects on one particularly fond moment throughout 2019.

“One of my favourite moments in 2019 has to be the photographs and video we shared of the Duke of Gordon. I was sitting in my girlfriends hair salon in Elgin one day and I suddenly thought, why has nobody been up there and shown everyone what the Duke actually looks like. 10 minutes later I was up at Lady Hill and by the end of the day the photos were on social media.

It was our second most successful post on facebook …a few days later The Northern Scot picked up on it, which was great as it brought it even closer to everyones attention who doesn’t use Facebook”. Phil concludes, “What made The Duke of Gordon particularly special for me, is that the statue has been there since 1855 and I’ve been here 5 minutes, yet in 164 years nobody has seen the masonry work close up.

As a relative newcomer to the area, I was very proud to give everyone that opportunity to see it, plus it was one of those times that shows how important the use of drones can actually be when used properly …it stirred a fair bit of emotion amongst the locals”


Lossiemouth had already played a big part in my life when I met my girlfriend in 2018. She has lived and worked in Elgin most of her life, but in Lossiemouth for the previous few years. I instantly fell in love with her, the area and moving up from London was all I wanted to do.

One of the very first things I wanted to do was connect my business to the area. There were new drone flying laws about to come into place in March 2019, so in February I went out one day and filmed the area. The video I consequently produced went on to be our biggest success to date by far, reaching 26,000 views so far on Facebook.



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